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high speed precision cnc lathe


  • The machine is with 10 station hydraulic turret. The index time is 0.3sec and with high repeatability accuracy.
  • The spindle is 100 mm big diameter high accuracy angular and NN type bearings. Which are suitable for precision cutting with high speed and heavy cutting with low speed.
  • Manual type programmable tailstock. Easy operation. Handle tractor with interlock device for fixing seat. Easy positioning and movement.
  • Advanced and high-performance PC Based 900M Controller. Simplified programming allows inexperienced operators to get up & running with minimal training. Equipped with 10.4” color TFT display and MPG simulation easily to trace tools path and graphic display.
  • Simplified & power electricity separated configuration provide reliable and safe feature easy maintenance.
  • Wide range high torque spindle motor.
  • 45-degree slant bed design.
  • Tailstock with manual type programmable.
  • Front-set and movable coolant tank + chip conveyor.
  • One-piece bed and base structure.
  • Box way structure especially for heavy duty turning.
Contoller  SYNTEC 10.4" (PIO5)
Max. Turning Dia. ψ300mm
Max. Turning Length 680mm
Swing over cross slide ψ330mm
Max. Swing Dia. ψ525mm
Between center 710mm
X axis travel 150mm+30mm
Z axis travel 680mm
Chuck 8" 3 jaw chuck
Spindle nose A2-6
Spindle bearing ψ100mm
Hole through spindle ψ67mm
Bar Capacity ψ52mm
Spindle speed 4000rpm
Spindle motor 15HP/11KW
Ballscrew (X)ψ32*10P/(Z)ψ40*10P
X.Z axis servo motor 2KW
Max. X.Z. Traverse 20 m/mm
Hydralic Turret / Servo Turret LS-200*10T
Hydraulic Tailstock 710 mm
Cutting tools 25 mm
Max. boring tool size ψ40 mm
Hydraulic motor 2 HP
Coolant motor 1 HP
Tank capacity 183.7L
1HP Powerful  type tank capacity 183L 
Total power 24HP
KGS New weight 4850
  • 8" 3 Jaw hydraulic chuck
  • Chuck control foot switch
  • Work light
  • Tools & tool box
  • Cooling system
  • Leveling screw & pad
  • Heat exchanger
  • 10 Position Servo Turret
  • End face tool holder
  • O.D tool holder (Aux.)
  • Boring tool holder
  • Inside tool socket (10,12,16,20,25,32mm)
  • O.D. tool wedge block
  • Full splash guard
  • Rotary hydraulic cylinder
  • Inverter motor 15HP
  • A2-6 Spindle nose
  • Air blower
  • 10.4" TFT color monitor
  • Simulating hand wheel
  • Chip conveyor & cart
  • Customer provide cutting tools
  • Tool setting
  • Transfomer (25 kva.)
  • Constand voltage regulator (30kva.)
  • Machinery installation fee(exclude round trip air ticket)
  • Wooden case/crate/pallet