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cnc turning lathez gang type


  • High efficiency, High precision, User friendly, Low cost.
  • Install automatic bar feeder or auto-loading and unloading system to improve efficiency.
  • X,Z Slide way with heat treatment and turcite B.
  • High precision X,Z-Axis ballscrew C3 class.
Contoller  SYNTEC 10.4" (PIO5)
Max. Turning Dia. ψ240mm
Max. Turning Length 190mm
Swing over cross slide ψ113mm
Max. Swing Dia. ψ450mm
Between center
X axis travel 120mm+20
Z axis travel 190mm
Chuck 5" 3 jaw chuck/collet
Spindle nose A2-4
Spindle bearing ψ65mm
Hole through spindle ψ42mm
Bar Capacity ψ32mm
Spindle speed 50~4500rpm
Spindle motor 5HP/3.7KW
Ballscrew ψ32*10P
X.Z axis servo motor 1KW
Max. X.Z. Traverse 20 m/mm
Hydralic Turret / Servo Turret LS-120*8T
Hydraulic Tailstock
Cutting tools 20 mm
Max. boring tool size ψ25 mm
Hydraulic motor 1 HP
Coolant motor 1/4 HP
Tank capacity MAX. 99L
1HP Powerful  type tank capacity STD. 77L
Total power 11HP
KGS New weight 1450
  • 5" 3 Jaw hydraulic chuck
  • Chuck control foot switc
  • Work light
  • Tools & tool box
  • Cooling system
  • Leveling screw & pad
  • Heat exchanger
  • Full splash guard
  • Rotary hydraulic cylinder
  • Inverter motor 5HP
  • A2-4 spindle nose
  • Air blower
  • 10.4" TFT color monitor
  • Spindle 50~5000 RPM
  • Simulating hand wheel
  • Customer provide cutting tools
  • Boring tool holder (turret)
  • Boring tool holder (gang)
  • Upper tool holder (gang)
  • Lower tool holder (gang)
  • 8 position hydraulic turret
  • Inside tool socket (8,10,12,16,20mm)
  • Chip conveyor
  • Part catcher
  • Transformer (15 kva.)
  • Constant voltage regulator (15 kva.)
  • Machinery installation fee(exclude round trip air ticket)
  • Wooden case/crate/pallet